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10 Popular AI Marketing Tools You Should Know

Driving revenue and business growth is every marketer’s goal. But this comes with a lot of hard work. From juggling multiple campaigns to analyzing heaps of data, and struggling to keep up customer queries around the clock. The pressure on every digital marketer in this fast-paced world can be very overwhelming, and this is where AI marketing tools come to the rescue.

AI marketing tools are programs that utilize artificial intelligence technology in marketing strategy. It enables you to revolutionize how you connect with your audience, streamline campaigns, and boost ROI.

This article explains the top 10 best  AI marketing tools for digital marketers that you can add as a secret weapon to transform your marketing game.

10 Top Best AI Tools for Marketing to Grow Business

Here, we’ve reviewed the 10 best AI tools for marketing you can use to grow your business in 2024.

1.   Spreading

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Spreading is an AI-powered marketing tool that aims to empower development teams by transforming code into comprehensive and user-friendly documentation. The tool offers features such as AI-assisted writing, an easy-to-use editor, seamless collaboration, hassle-free document management, and one-click publishing of impressive documentation sites.

Ultimately, Spreading AI marketing tool streamlines the documentation process, allowing you to focus more on coding while automating the writing aspect.


  • Utilizes AI technology to automate the documentation writing process, saving time and effort for developers.
  • Enables cross-team collaboration, allowing developers and tech writers to co-create documentation with ease.
  • The tool provides an intuitive editor that simplifies writing for every team member, allowing for easy embedding of images, videos, code, and more.


  • It might not be an ideal option for creating SEO optimized documentation.
  • No socialmedia or website activity tracking tools.

2.   Brand 24

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Brand24 is an AI marketing tool that provides you instant access to mentions and insights across various online sources, including social media, news, blogs, videos, forums, podcasts, and reviews. It enables you to protect your brand reputation, measure brand awareness, analyze competitors, and gain customer insights.

With Brand24, you can monitor your brand’s online presence in real-time, analyze sentiment, create reports, track hashtags, and access powerful metrics to measure brand awareness and presence.


  • Great collaboration tools.
  • Strong analytic features to track different socialmedia platforms.
  • Beautiful user interface.


  • It might be expensive for some users.
  • It’s not a great choice for creating social content.

3.   DeepBrain AI

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You need an AI marketing tool to generate videos for your online campaing? Deepbrain AI is one of the best option for you. This is one of the best AI marketing tools that allows users with any level of experience to create generative AI videos using simple text scripts. It enables you to convert text into videos in just 5 minutes, utilizing photo-realistic AI avatars.

Overall, Deepbrain AI helps businesses reduce time and costs by 80% in video production.


  • It’s easy to operate.
  • It reduces time and costs associated with traditional video production.
  • Boasts a wide range of customizable video avatars.


  • You can only create one video for free.


image 6 – 10 Popular AI Marketing Tools You Should Know – The Digital Boy is an AI Marketing platform that offers self-learning and autonomous campaign design and management. It allows you to maximize overall performance within and across channels, provide personalization at scale, and reach new audience groups without increasing spending.

With this AI marketing tool, you can focus on customer experience while the platform optimizes campaigns 24/7. It covers 90% of the biddable universe and offers a holistic, agile cross-channel strategy and execution.


  • The platform offers a holistic approach to cross-channel marketing, ensuring consistent messaging and optimization.
  • Offers 24/7 optimization.
  • Easily automate campaign design and management.


  • Pricing plans are not publicly available.
  • Newbies might need some time to familiarize themselves with the platform.

5.   Zapier

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Next AI marketing tool on our list is Zapier.This is a powerful AI marketing platform that allows you to connect and automate workflows across more than 5,000 app integrations.  It enables you to build custom workflows tailored to their specific roles and businesses, automating repetitive tasks and freeing up time for more important work.

You can integrate Zapier with your favorite apps, optimize your tools, and create custom no-code apps. It also has the ability to create AI-powered Zaps and custom AI chatbots.


  • Build custom workflows in minutes without the need for coding or technical expertise.
  • Automates repetitive tasks.
  • Built-in AI tool to write code and build Zaps based on users description.


  • Some users might require learning curve to navigate their way around the platform.
  • Limited free plan.

6.   SurferSEO

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You might have heard of SurferSEO. But do you know it can come in handy to enhance your marketing tasks? Yes, SurferSEO offers a comprehensive set of features to boost organic traffic, improve visibility, and enhance search engine rankings. You can use this tool to research, audit, write, optimize, and generate SEO-optimized articles in just 20 minutes.

Moreover, SurferSEO offers supports multiple languages and offers integrations with popular platforms like Google Docs and WordPress.


  • Realtime metrics and suggestions to optimize content for better search engine ranking.
  • Multilingual support.
  • Comprehensive SEO workflow.


  • Limited free trial.
  • Expensive plans compared to competitors.

7.   Jasper AI

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Jasper AI is an AI copilot designed for enterprise marketing teams, offering a range of AI tools to achieve both speed and performance. It provides solutions for various aspects of marketing, including company intelligence, campaign acceleration, content acceleration, and analytics & insights. Also, it enables marketing teams to tap into a central nervous system for all their content, move faster with fewer miscommunications, accelerate content creation and repackaging, and gain actionable insights for higher-performing marketing.


  • Comprehensive AI solutions for enterprise marketing teams.
  • Streamlined content creation and campaign development.
  • Actionable insights for higher-performing marketing.


  • You need to always fact check your content to avoid publishing false information.
  • It can handle generation of content for very technical topic.

8.   Beacons AI

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If you need an AI marketing tool that offers powerful tools to build a custom link in bio, grow a fanbase, and monetize your content, Beacons AI got you covered. With Beacons, you can create a personalized link in bio that serves as a hub for your audience, access features like invoicing, W-9 generator, link shortener, media kit, and income dashboard. The platform also provides tools for audience management, post activity tracking, email marketing, and even includes a store feature to sell digital and physical products.


  • Comprehensive suite of tools for creators, covering various aspects of their business.
  • Free access to all tools, eliminating the need for multiple subscriptions.
  • AI-powered insights and recommendations to help creators optimize their strategies


  • Some users have report privacy and data security issues while using this platform.
  • Limited access to certain features when using low tier plans.

9.   Rapidely

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If you’re looking to enhancecreativity, save time, and improve social media strategy with the assistance of AI Rapidely AI marketing tool will help you achieve your aim without stress. This is one of the best AI marketing software trusted by entrepreneurs, influencers, and social media managers globally. It enables you tp streamline your content creation process, creating a month’s worth of tailored content focused on the your goals, niche, content pillars, and tone of voice.


  • Biuilt-in hashtag generator gives users an actual list of trending hashtags based on your post content.
  • Offers endless socialmedia post ideas.
  • Provides an editorial calendar for efficient content planning and organization.


  • Unavailability of calender sharing feature.
  • It does not support direct posting to socialmedia platforms.

10.                Fliki

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Another video generation tool for AI marketing on our list is Fliki. The tool simplifies and accelerates video creation, allowing you to transform your ideas into stunning content using AI voices.

Also, Fliki provides access to a vast stock library of rich media assets and offers over 2000 realistic Text-to-Speech voices in 75+ languages. And it offers a simple script-based editor, allowing you to create videos as easily.


  • Simplifies and speeds up video creation with AI-powered technology.
  • Offers a user-friendly script-based editor for easy video creation.
  • Provides a wide range of Text-to-Speech voices in multiple languages.


  • Not all available voices are great.
  • The word limit is quite low compared to competitor’s.


As businesses continue to recognize the invaluable insights, efficiencies, and personalization that AI can bring to their marketing efforts, many are looking for the AI marketing tools that can come to their rescue. The AI marketing software programs recommend on this list have proven to stand out amongst hundreds of options. So, you can always count on them for your various needs.

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