3 Cycling Bikes Best for Road Adventures

Scooter is cool but not as fun as paddling and hiking. Bikes are way cooler, you can have fun with speed, and you’ll be exercising too. But the fun thing about modern bikes is that they are not just bikes anymore; they are E-bikes nowadays. That means you can paddle and exercise and use an accelerator to use it as a scooter when you are very tired. They are best for commutes in which you can save a lot of fuel and have daily adventures to the office or university.

I’ve selected three bikes you can invest in today to enhance your life. They are available at the MyDeal online marketplace, so if you are from Australia, you can get many price-drop deals on them with the MyDeal coupon code.

ProGear E-Rush E-Road Bike:

This bike is a bit steep to buy, but it’s worth enough of your investment, not $5000 or something. It’s just for $1499, but think about it: if you are a daily customer of MyDeal, you’re getting 1499 reward points on this one to get a lot of discounts. If you still can’t pay that big amount, how about you pay in four interest-free instalments of $374.75?

If you’ve quit the gym several times, it’s time to ditch it and instead embrace the bumpy rides of hills where you’ll exercise, enjoy nature and have daily adventures. You gotta ditch cars nowadays because pollution is affecting the environment a lot.

And if you are a commuter, you can go far with this cycle because it has a long-lasting battery, cool jumpers and comfortable seats, meaning that you’ll be steering away from the traffic and enjoying your morning commutes. You get a lifetime warranty in this cycle. I’d say it’s better than your car because, with this bike, you save money, health, and the environment daily.

Amazing Features and Their Benefits:

  • Strong and lightweight frame, so turn around from the bumpy roads of hills or the traffic like a boss.
  • 53cm size, whether you are a teen or a big guy, it’s the best fit for you.
  • It’s got a steel fork, meaning it won’t vibrate on bumpy roads.
  • Drop the bar design of the handle so you can bend and cut through the air quickly.
  • Better grip and customised positioning of your hand with 440mm width of the handle.
  • Saddle and paddles are comfortable for a smooth riding experience. 
  • Long-lasting battery of 36V with a big display to keep informing you about the charge.
  • Lightweight enough to climb the steep hills, exercise and have fun.
  • You get a warranty of 12 months on many parts and a lifetime warranty for a fork and frame. Meaning you’re well covered for small or big damages. 

This bike is vital for the hills and trains; you can take it in your vehicle for camping and other places and enjoy the rides. If you go to national parks, that bike will be your best companion to ride through nature. So, a little investment in your adventures is a great investment.

Progear Bikes RD120 V1 Road Bike:

This bike will fit your budget well because it has a smaller price than the earlier one, not $1499 but only $399, and the only 7 items left if you want to buy it soon. It might be out of stock. If you can’t pay $399 directly, how about $99.75 of four payments? You also get 399 reward points for MyDeal.

What’s cool about this bike? The design is the same as the ProGear E-Rush E-Road Bike. It’s lightweight and has a lot of speed. You can change the gears easily to ride on roads with traffic, on those hills or hiking in nature. It just doesn’t have an electric system. It’s best for you if you are on a budget but want the same king features.

  • Best for new riders investing in a bike.
  • Easy to maintain the parts with quick removal. 
  • Lightweight so you can balance like you’re riding on a pillow.
  • Smoothest ride with shock absorption features, meaning you will go through the roads with speed and without any inconvenience.
  • Powerful breaks to stop with reliability.
  • 7 days return in case of change of mind.
  • You get a warranty for many parts of the bike.

If you are a new rider, you shouldn’t invest in expensive E-bikes; this one is best for you if you are serious about riding. Then you can sell this and buy the electric one if you become crazy about riding.

Wrap Up:

Whether you are a completely new rider or experienced, you can choose between these two bikes as they are best for their prices. But if your budget is lower than that, or you just want to see if a bike will benefit you. Then I recommend the lower prices bikes for you. But in that situation, the best decision is to buy a used bike from the marketplace or from your friends. A used bike is also the best option if you want more features and benefits on a low budget. You can also find excellent bikes for prices lower than $300. But if you want these bikes and love them. You can choose the instalment option.

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