8 unusual uses of fake grass

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While the installation of artificial grass is a great way of cutting down on outside maintenance and achieving a smart finish to your garden project, there are a myriad of more unusual uses you could put any grass off cuts to when all finished.

When you start to realise how versatile and useful this material is, you’ll start to see possibilities wherever you go.

Unusual wrapping paper for gifts

As the festive season approaches, think how fabulous your gifts would look under the tree, rolled up in artificial grass and tied up with big red ribbons. And the best thing – you can gather it up after the big day and tuck it away util the next year.

Bring the outside in with a grass wall

A premium quality artificial grass product fixed to a wall can give a finish, texture and splash of fresh colour to any internal space. Because the grass fronds themselves are so realistic their texture, and the way they interact with different light sources can being a fresh and vibrant vibe to your interior.

Kids’ playroom

How wonderful would it be if your kids could have the joy of playing outside even when it is pouring with rain. Artificial grass is the perfect floor covering for a children’s playroom. It is easy to keep clean, can be mopped down if necessary, and is soft and comfortable under bare feet. It is also extremely durable, and will cope with the clumsy explorations of little hands and feet.

Protection for areas of high traffic

Both inside and outside, there are areas of high traffic where family members are constantly walking backwards and forwards. Laying down a strip of artificial grass will give an additional layer of protection underfoot. This is particularly useful outside in areas where you don’t want to spoil your natural lawn. There may be areas of your garden which are constantly worn down. Temporarily laying down a strip of fake lawn will protect it without having to change the entire lawn.

Dust catcher for your dashboard

Car interiors can get inordinately dusty extremely quickly. The dashboard area underneath the windscreen is a particularly vulnerable area.

Cut to shape and laid across the dashboard area, the fake grass is perfectly placed to catch the dust and grime that inevitably gathers over time, leaving your car looking and feeling fresher for longer. The grass can be easily removed ad washed down on a regular basis.

Non-slip shower floors

Do you worry about slipping in the shower? Do you find it concerning when you walk in and out of your shower that you could easily slip on the smooth porcelain surface of the shower tray. A patch of artificial grass could be the answer to stepping in with confidence. The grass has a non slip feature, and its permeable layer ensures that any water drains away as required. It also gives a fresh green vibrant finish to what can often be bland bathroom décor.

Dedicated meditation space

For those days when it’s pouring down with rain, why not recreate the feeling of sitting on the grass to meditate by combining your yoga mat with a strip of premium quality fake grass. The grass itself has the same feel and texture of real grass, helping you to reach that meditative trance which is so important in maintaining a good balance in emotional and physical wellbeing.

Outside toilet for your pet

For the ‘garden proud’ who wants to protect their perfectly maintained garden, but still need somewhere for their dog to go to the toilet, you can create a dedicated dog toilet area.

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