Athiya Shetty Appears Stunning In Anamika Khanna’s Embroidered Couture Ensemble

Athiya Shetty wowed everybody with her celestial grace and finesse. (

Athiya Shetty wowed all people together with her celestial grace and finesse. (

The attractive Athiya Shetty turned showstopper for ace dressmaker Anamika Khanna on Day 6 of the grand India Couture Week 2023

Athiya Shetty made a placing return to the ramp because the showstopper for the famend designer Anamika Khanna, adorning a fascinating handcrafted couture creation. Regardless of feeling nervous after her hiatus from strolling the runway, Athiya discovered solace in the truth that it was Anamika Khanna’s present, a designer she deeply admires. In reward of Anamika’s artistry and persona, Athiya expressed, “Apart from being a wonderful artist, she’s a great person, and that comes across in her work and designs.”

The ensemble Athiya wore was a beautiful amalgamation of contemporary and vintage elements, featuring stolen art that held sentimental value for her. The whole outfit was a testament to Khanna’s affection for the art, and Athiya effortlessly completed the look, showcasing the artistry in its full glory. Reflecting on the significance of the moment, Athiya revealed that Anamika had also designed her wedding lehenga, making the experience of walking the ramp for her feel like completing a full circle.

Anamika’s collection this year was an emotional journey, emphasizing the need to pause and embrace love and stillness in our fast-paced contemporary world. “Through my collection I have aimed to infuse the calmness of the old world, fostering a sense of appreciation for love and genuine emotions,” provides Khanna.

Speaking about her long-standing association with Anamika, Athiya likened the designer to a delightful surprise in a candy store, always brimming with incredible ideas. “Anamika’s genuine and compassionate nature effortlessly manifested in her designs, creating a profound connection between the designer, her work, and the people who wear her creations,” explains Shetty.

In essence, the ramp walk became a canvas for the artistic bond between Athiya Shetty and Anamika Khanna. The beautiful couture piece symbolized their shared appreciation for art, love, and emotions. With Anamika’s designs evoking a sense of stillness and Athiya gracefully donning the creation, the runway came alive with a celebration of creativity, heartfelt emotions, and the enduring connection between two remarkable individuals.

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