Care For Recovery From Laser Eye Surgery

Live a normal life, even if your vision is bad, you can use your eyes as much as you want. You can wear sunglasses when going outside, especially during the first weeks after the operation. Not only will they serve to protect your eye, but they will prevent glare, which is common after the intervention.

Wash your hands carefully before putting any eye drops in your eye. You can use, if the time coincides, two kinds of eye drops at the same time. Just wait a minute between both applications. Once started, you should not use any eye drops for more than four weeks without purchasing a new bottle. Don’t forget that some must be stored in the refrigerator (this is always indicated on the product packaging).

After two days you can return to work, unless your job involves physical exertion. In this case, consult with your surgeon for the recommended time.

How Long Should I Rest After Eye Surgery?

After surgery, it is advisable to lie down and rest with your eyes closed for the rest of the day. From the next day, you can lead a normal life, avoiding possible friction and blows to the eyes. For better health of your eyes you must follow instructions of specialists like Jenkins Eye Care.

What Not To Do After Laser Eye Surgery?

Do not cover your eyes, even if it is more comfortable for you. The risk of infection increases with a covered eye. Occasionally, your ophthalmologist may recommend using a rigid fenestrated occlude at night to protect you from bumps while you sleep.

It is important that you do not rub your eyes after the intervention. It is also not recommended to paint your eyes for 1 month.

How To Sleep After Laser Eye Surgery?

Unless specifically instructed by your ophthalmologist, you can sleep in the position you like best, although during the first five days it is advisable not to sleep face down.

How To Wash The Eye After Surgery?

You can (and should) wash your head and face. The eyelids and skin around the eye should be clean. Mild soaps used for babies are recommended. Just be careful to dry gently afterwards, without rubbing your eyes.

When To Call The Doctor In Recovery From Laser Eye Surgery?

Go to the consultation immediately – or to the ophthalmological emergency service, outside of consultation hours – whenever you notice decreased vision, significant redness or discharge, or intense pain in the operated eye, even a long time after the intervention.

How Long Does It Take To See Well After Myopia Surgery?

The postoperative course of Lasik myopia surgery intervention is rapid. You will recover your vision quickly, if there is no setback or other associated pathology. However, it will often take a few days for your vision to be as good as what you had with your glasses or contact lenses before the procedure.

For a few weeks you may observe some visual alterations that you should understand as normal:

  • Decreased visual ability in low lighting conditions.
  • Halos or flashes when looking directly at a light source.
  • Slight changes in your visual ability during the healing period (5 weeks).

Within a maximum period of two months (time in which the scar process is completely stabilized) we will perform a refraction and assess, if it exists, how to correct the possible residual refractive defect.

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