Everything You need to know about Roster Management Software

Are you looking for a feasible alternative to the manual rostering method? A roster management software can offer you the easiest and quickest solution. An automated rostering software basically uses the data of employee profiles, the compliance rules, and staffing budgets to do various tasks like planning of shifts, calculation of labor costs and sending rosters to employees. The roster management software will make the tiresome tasks of the managers easier and quicker.

Roster management software is a sophisticated spreadsheet that can also be integrated with time and attendance tools and payroll engines for managing other works. The following article will highlight the advantages and disadvantages of using rostering software along with some best software for the better management of a company.

The pros and cons of using rostering software


  • Rostering software eliminates the tedious process of manually creating, printing and distributing rosters.
  • Rostering software automatically pulls data from the profiles of employees. As a result, it speeds up the whole rostering process.
  • This software eliminates all kinds of confusion in terms of change of shifts.
  • Rostering software ensures maximum compliance with existing state laws associated with employment issues.
  • This tool improves the employee engagement rate.
  • This software can be integrated with other accounting and payroll software for maximum productivity.
  • This software will directly send rosters or updates to the employees.


  • Using rostering software can be more costly than using manual processes.
  • Sometimes the employees may be uncomfortable with using such technologies.
  • The application of this software may need extra training of the staff.
  • This rostering software needs an offline contingency plan in case of electricity blackout or internet problem.

Top Roster Management Software

Work Examiner

Work Examiner is a comprehensive employee monitoring and productivity management software designed to help organizations enhance employee efficiency, improve security, and optimize productivity.

Work Examiner enables real-time monitoring of employees’ web browsing activities and application usage during work hours. It tracks which websites and applications employees access, allowing organizations to identify productivity bottlenecks and distractions. The software records keystrokes, providing insights into employees’ interactions with their computers, including emails, chats, and data input

Work Examiner captures screenshots at predefined intervals, allowing managers to visually monitor employees’ desktop activities. This feature provides a comprehensive view of work habits and helps identify potential issues. The software can track emails and chat messages, helping organizations ensure that communications align with company policies and regulations.


This is one of the best roster management tools. You can  manage your whole team through this app. You can simply conduct the everyday work, keep employees on track, create schedules, track work hours to grow your business. You can use multiple features of this tool for Mobile Checklists, Task Management, Team Scheduling, One-click Payroll and many more. Use it as workplace attendance tools.


You can utilize this roster management software for smarter scheduling, easy payroll, team communication etc. You can ease the burden of managing payroll and taxes with just one click of this tool. Then you will be able to keep track of your team and manage them more productively.

Final Words

A roster management software is a must for increasing the efficiency and engagement of the employees. It is a far better option compared to manual rostering. You can try all of productivity trackers we have mentioned. In this way, you can save the resources of your business. Also, this will help you manage your team, enhance productivity and avoid issues like availability conflicts, missed shifts, and violation of employment law. You should choose the best-fit rostering app for your business that serves your purpose effectively. For more softwares check table here.

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