Fate The Winx Saga Season 1 has been announced by Netflix. Are you ready to relive your childhood’s favorite show? ,

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We have all somewhere been eager to relive our favorite shows from Childhood. Nickelodeon’s Winx Club has been one of the prominent cartoon shows worldwide. The 90s girls actually learned fashion, charm, and feminism from this show. To the reader’s surprise, 2021 will be much more fashion-friendly and powerful with the release of Fate The Winx Saga season 1 on Netflix. That’s right! The beauty of the show is its diversity.

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To begin with, if you could remember, Winx Club had all the charming fairies and witches of all races and gender. Well! If you ask me – Winx Club was all about females. But, in the upcoming series Fate the Winx Saga season 1 – an exciting male character will also appear to charm it up! So, are you ready for some inside details? Get ready to receive some chills-

What is Fate the Winx Saga season 1 Release Date? 

To begin with, Netflix has recently launched Fate the Winx Saga season 1 official trailer. And, thanks to it – we are cherished to inform you that it is coming on 22nd January 2021, Friday! A complete season will be available for the lovers of beauty and power to binge-watch it online on Netflix. We believe you can’t wait for the first look at the show. Here is the trailer of Fate: the Winx Saga. You will be surprised to see some recognizable faces of Netflix. Spoiler Alert: Man to Man action is also there!

What is the plot? 

Well! During childhood, we never enjoyed the serious prospect of the show. However, growing up, millions of 90(s) indulge in the prominent television series – Vampire Diaries because of its logical plot, a continuous story, and much more attention to details. To the reader’s surprise, Fate the Winx Saga has been brought out by Brian Young – the primary creator of Vampire Diaries. Hence, all of our excitement is up to the next level. So, let’s calm it down with some outstanding plot details provided by Netflix. 

To begin with, Fate, the Winx Saga follows the storyline of five fairies – Bloom, Stella, Musa, Aisha, and Luna. Apart from this, Sky and Riven are additional male characters to give a romantic touch to the lives of these fairies at Alfea. Alfea is a magical boarding school accommodate in the Otherworld.

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Five fairies admit to Alfea to learn magic and how to use it for the benefit of the world. However, the life of these fairies does not come out as simple as expected because they are surrounded by powerful witches, monsters, and rival fairies who do not want them to carry out their mission. Hence, these monsters and rivalries simply desire for these fairies to die. But, with their powers and deep affection for each other, the journey of Fate the Winx Saga is unblemished!

Who will you see in the cast of Fate the Winx Saga?

I can’t wait to see the main faces of Fate the Winx Saga. Here’s cast information: 

Cast: Abigail Cowen: Role: Bloom (or, the blue fairy). Abigail Cowen is one of the most recognized faces of the series from the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. 

  1. Cast: Hannah van der Westhuizen : Role: Stella (or the yellow fairy)

2. Cast: Elisha Applebaum: Role: Musa (or the purple fairy)

3. Cast: Precious Mustapha: Role: Aisha (or the black fairy)

4. Cast: Kate Fleetwood : Role: Luna (or the White Fairy)

5. Cast: Freddie Thorp : Role: Riven

6. Cast: Danny Griffin : Role: Sky

Winx Club Netflix

Apart from the above-mentioned cast members, other recognized faces and characters will also be appearing, such as – Leah Minto, Theo Graham, Sadie Soverall, Eve Best, Rober James-Collier, and Jacob Dudman, and Eliot Salt. Their respective characters will be Kat, Dane, Beatrix, Headmistress Dowling, Silva, Sam, and Terra. 

Pre-release facts about Fate the Winx Saga Season 1

  • The show depicts an OtherWorld, which definitely looks strange. Indeed, the trailer reminds me of Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent. To the reader’s surprise, it has been shot in Ireland. 
  • Before the release of season 1, Netflix assumed the prominence of the show among the 90’s kids to be voluminous. Thus, it has already requested renewal of the show for season 2 beforehand. 
  • On the one hand, Netflix users are excited for the release of season 1. However, some rare users are disappointed in the racism that the show promotes. Although, in our view, the Winx Club has always been about diversity and women’s power. What do you think? 

So, prepare yourself – a lot of magical drama is coming your way! Stay tuned for other inside details. 

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