How To Choose a Comfortable Day Sneaker for Effortless Walks

Comfortable shoes are an underrated part of your wardrobe, and finding the ideal day sneaker to prevent foot pain is essential. An estimated 20 percent of adults in the United States live with foot pain that detracts from their quality of life. You can avoid that fate by knowing what to look for when shopping for your next pair of shoes.

Sticking with your favorite brands is tempting, but you must explore all options to limit ankle injuries and other foot problems. You’ll love taking your daily walks after buying the perfect day sneaker.

Luckily, you’ve discovered the right guide for helpful tips to pick your next kicks. Continue reading to buy your new shoes today!

Shop in the Afternoon

Shopping for new shoes is best in the afternoon because your feet expand in size as you move through your day. A shoe that fits perfectly in the morning will feel tight and painful by late afternoon. You’ll be in too much discomfort to want to go for your daily walk.

Wait to visit your local shoe store until after work or school. Try on the shoes you like and find a comfortable pair when your feet are at their largest size. The Novelship Jordans are a shoe option notorious for comfort.

Mind Your Socks

The thickness of your socks will also determine how comfortable your day sneakers are. Thicker socks could cause rubbing and painful blisters. Find your favorite socks and bring them with you when visiting the store. Avoid cotton socks, as they absorb moisture and increase the likelihood of blisters when breaking in your comfortable sneakers.

Bend the Sole

A flexible sole is a good sign for your foot health. You want to buy shoes that bend easily where the ball of the foot is. If the shoe you’ve discovered doesn’t bend well, look at other options.

You’ll enjoy an increased range of motion with a flexible sole, helping you to avoid ankle injuries and foot pain on your daily walks and hikes. It’s an overlooked factor to weigh when shopping for new kicks.

Take a Test Walk

The best way to know if your new day sneaker fits your feet and lifestyle is by taking it for a test walk. Lace up the shoes you’ve discovered and walk around the store or the block.

You’ll get an accurate indication of how the shoes feel when moving and striding. It’s also a chance to identify hot spots that could become blisters.

Pick Out Your Favorite Day Sneaker Today

Saying goodbye to foot pain starts with knowing what to look for when shopping for a day sneaker. Go shopping later in the day to find shoes that fit your feet when they’ve expanded, and bring your favorite pair of socks to ensure a snug but comfortable fit. Prioritize flexible soles, and take your comfortable sneakers for a test walk before buying.

Proper shoes will do wonders for your health and help you enjoy your favorite activities. Read our Lifestyle articles to find more health and fitness guides to improve your life today!


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