How to Rid of Migraine Pain Permanently- 7 Steps

How to rid of migraine pain permanently.

There is no denying the fact that the impact of migraines is extremely severe and it affects a large number of the U.S. population. A survey report published by the National Library of Medicine indicates that in the U.S. adult population, the impact of migraines is high. Migraine affects one in six Americans and one in 5 women over a three-month period. The vast impact of migraine often calls for treatments that can shed off the pain. Many people feel so much inflicted from the pain that they often Google “ How to Rid of Migraine Pain Permanently.” 

This is because migraine often leads to moderate to severe headaches. So, let’s figure out the best ways to cure migraine pain permanently.

How to Rid of Migraine Pain Permanently- Check Out the Steps

how to rid of migraine pain permanently

Whenever the pain of a migraine troubles us, we feel helpless. The feelings of pain are so gruesome that we often feel that we are drowning in the world of despair. Therefore, looking for the best ways to cure the pain is extremely important for us. Well, as studied by various doctors, there is no permanent cure for migraine but with certain remedies, we can curb the migraine problem.

1) Infuse Some Fruit & Veggies in Your Diet

If you want to get rid of migraine pain, you should infuse some migraine-combating fruit and vegetables into your diet. Several research studies have proved that bananas are rich in energy and they always help to stave off migraine attacks. They are also a rich source of magnesium that can be very helpful in curbing migraine attacks.

The converse is also true as some food triggers migraine attacks. For example, say no to consuming chocolates, caffeine, processed food, and meat. Because they are accountable for inducing migraine attacks.

2) Lavender Essential Oil is the Key

lavender oil

Migraine pain, opps! the most problematic concern for us. Treating migraines can become easy if we believe in the power and aroma of essential oils. Lavender essential oil is the most suitable oil for treating migraines. A study carried out on 47 patients was divided into two parts. One group inhaled lavender essential oil as the other group did not do so. The group of folks who inhaled lavender oil has revealed that they have reduced symptoms of headache and migraine after applying the lavender essential oil.

3) Exercise & Yoga Asanas

Exercise and Yoga asanas

Performing exercises and Yoga asanas can make a positive difference in migraine relief. According to the renowned art of living, certain yoga asanas and exercises are crucial in getting relief from Yoga, and exercises. For example, if you will perform Hastapadasana, Setu Bandhasana, Padasana, Shishuasana, and Padamasana, you will get quick relief from migraine. So, instead of surfing how to rid of migraine pain permanently, it is the best solution to perform these asanas on a swift note.

4) Lay down in a Dark Room

 Some people are not aware of migraine. According to medical terminology, migraines are very intense and severe headaches that can cause interruptions in our daily lives. People often wonder what can be the best way to get fast relief from migraine. Simply, lay down in a dark room and they should lay until the episode of migraine has passed because migraine cannot bear the bright lights and even the sound. So, the swift and the best solution is to lie down in a dark room.

5) Acupressure is the Best Remedy

If treating migraines is not possible with food moderation practices or essential oils, you should learn some other effective natural therapies. Treating migraines with the aid of acupressure is the best remedial action for you. Many folks often rave about the benefits of acupressure for your health issues. Acupressure is a therapy treatment that adds to the benefit of giving relief in the toughest migraine conditions.


So, the best advice for you is not to linger your time in varied activities like surfing the internet for how to rid of migraine pain permanently. Instead, go for alternate medicinal techniques based on the traditional Chinese concept. This technique is the best to treat acupressure by applying pressure on varied body parts known as acupressure points. This technique is also extremely useful in treating the pain of migraines.

6) Cold Compress is the Effective Way

Still boggling over how to rid of migraine pain permanently? To let you move towards the solution of treating migraines, picking a cold compress is the sole way for us. Cold compress treatment is very effective as it acts as a stimulator to distract the brain from the severe pain of migraines. At the time of cold compress, if you want to protect your skin, you must keep a cloth between your skin and the ice pack. Applying a cold compress is another effective way if you want to get quick relief from migraines.

Cold Compress

7) Don’t Underestimate the Power of Massage

If you want to get a relief from migraine, you cannot underestimate the power of massage. Massage helps us in effective pain management during an attack migraine and many international universities like the University of Michigan have advocated the power of massage in such a severe attack.

It is also an important point to note that every treatment will not work for every person. For example, some people are extremely touch-sensitive when they are suffering from migraine. Therefore, they cannot even bear the massage touch as it will worsen their migraine issues. So, it will depend on person-to-person whether massage will work for them or not. When you are researching how to rid of migraine pain permanently. You need to pay heed to these key points when susceptible to such a biggie medical issue.


These are some quick remedies that will work swiftly to eliminate migraine issues. If you keep on surfing about how to rid of migraine pain permanently, these treatments can come as a savior for you.


  1. How can we cure migraines permanently?

According to science, it is difficult to cure migraines permanently, but with time, you can treat them with a cold compress, essential oils, and exercise.

2) Does migraine affect the folks worldwide?

There is no denying the fact that migraine has impacted people all over the world.

3) Does meditation is helpful in migraine attacks?

Yes, meditation is helpful in migraine attacks as it is an effective technique for stress management.

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