How to Stop feet Tingling at Night – Complete Overview

How to stop feet tingling at night?
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Feet tingling is a medical issue, and there are many reasons why people experience feet tingling. One such reason is sometimes we do not sleep in a proper position. Some people experience tingling in their feet at night. It disturbs their sleep and impacts their overall well-being as well. If you experience tingling in your feet, you can experience numbness weakness, and sensation in your feet. Tingling in your feet is a bothersome issue; hence, we should know how to stop feet tingling at night. In this post, we have covered everything about foot tingling, its causes, and treatments to prevent foot tingling at night. So, let’s begin.

Key Symptoms of Feet Numbness 

Key Symptoms of numbness
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Some people feel feet numbness or tingling at night. There are varied symptoms of feet tingling which we should be aware of.

1) You may experience pins and needles sensations

2) Burning or Tingling

3) Coldness or Sensitivity to touch

4) Weak pulses in the legs or feet

5) Lack of coordination or falling

6) Sores on the feet

Causes of Feet Tingling


Causes of feet tingling
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Feet tingling is a medical issue, which is also known as Paresthesia. The nerve issues cause this condition. The Peripheral nervous system is responsible for transmitting signals between the Central Nervous System and the rest of the body. However, due to improper signs, people experience the feeling of tingling in their feet. Here are specific other causes of tingling in feet.

1) A person can experience feet tingling because of the pinched nerve in the back. Because of nerve and swelling problems, we can experience foot tingling issues from time to time. In this case of feet tingling, you experience difficulties related to injury and swelling in the back.

2) Some conditions that cause narrowing of blood vessels can cause reduced blood flow to the limbs. Hence, this also results in losing sensation in the feet. Plaque build-up in the vessels often results in the narrowing of blood vessels. We can also experience tingling of feet in several medical conditions like heart attack and stroke.

3) Deficiency of vitamins is also a leading cause of issues in the nervous system. Hence, the deficiency of specific vitamins can also lead to problems like feet tingling. For example, vitamin E and B12 deficiency leads to improper functioning of the nervous system, thereby causing problems tingling in the feet.

4) Traumatic conditions are also responsible for feet tingling at night. For example, if your leg or feet are crushed, you often experience certain situations like feet tingling at night.

5) Some diseases like Diabetes are responsible for tingling in feet. Diabetic patients also sometimes come across issues like feet tingling at night. 

How to Stop Feet Tingling at Night- Possible Treatments

How to stop feet tingling at night?
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1) Incorporate some Lifestyle Changes


 Preventing Tingling in foot at night
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If you aim to know how to stop your feet from tingling at night, you should incorporate some lifestyle changes quickly. These lifestyle changes can help you overcome the feet-tingling issues.

2) Manage your Blood Sugar Levels 

Manage Blood Sugar
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If you want to know how to stop your feet from tingling at night, you should manage your blood sugar control levels. If you are medically diagnosed with diabetes or prediabetes, controlling your blood sugar level is necessary to stop feet-tingling issues. You should follow a well-balanced diet, exercise regularly, and take all the prescribed medicines that can control your blood sugar level.

3) Maintain a Healthy Weight

Maintaining a Healthy Weight
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To control your blood sugar levels, you should maintain a healthy weight. According to some research studies, excess weight can pressurize the nerves, leading to tingling in the feet and nerves. Performing regular exercises can help you improve your overall lifestyle and also help you maintain a healthy weight. 

4) Say No to Smoking

Say no to Smoking
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The next way to reduce feet tingling is to quit smoking. Smoking multiple times a day helps the blood flow to reach extremities, including the feet, contributing to nerve damage.

Natural Remedies to Deal with Feet Tingling at Night

Burning sensation
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Some natural remedies can help you deal with foot-tingling issues. Let’s have a look at some of them.

1) Taking Vitamin Supplements Soak your Foot in Warm Water

Taking vitamin supplements can help you stop your feet from tingling at night. If your body has Vitamin 12 deficiencies, it will contribute to feet tingling and nerve issues. If you want a solution to rectify these problems, you should ask for some supplements from your healthcare professional.

2) Soak your Foot in Warm Water 

Increasing blood circulation in nerves can help reduce tingling in your feet. So, to achieve this, soak your foot in the warm water. Also, put Epsom salt in the warm water, then dip your feet. It will improve the blood circulation in the nerves, reducing the feet’ tingling issues.

3) Try Certain Oils and Natural Remedies

How to stop your feet from tingling at night? Are you looking forward to solving this troubling concern? You should try some oils like primrose oil. Some herbal remedies, such as St. John’s wort and alpha-lipoic acid, will also work effectively. All these remedies will help you to solve these troubling issues. Apart from all these issues, you should check the warning signs of feet tingling issues from time to time.

The Closing Thought

So, these are some remedies that will work effectively regarding how to stop feet tingling at night. These remedies will help solve your problems and make your feet comfortable. Because feet-tingling issues, specifically at night, can be disturbing, tackling them immediately will help you minimize your health concerns. Pay heed to these ideas and lead a healthy lifestyle to reduce feet-tingling issues.


1) Till how much time does feet tingling last?

Feet tingling lasts for at least a week or more. You should consult a healthcare professional if it does not go away in this stipulated time.

2) What are the Ways to stop feet tingling sensations?

You can quickly stop the tingling sensation in your feet by improving blood flow in the blood vessels.

3) How do I stop Feet Tingling at Night?

You can quickly stop your feet from tingling at night by applying great home remedies such as rest, ice, or heat treatment.


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