Interesting facts about Japanese massage

Japanese massage

Japanese massage, also known as Seitai-ho or Tsugen, is one of the most well-liked massage styles in Japan. It is known for its unique technique and subtle approach to restoring the balance of body and spirit. A huge number of spa centers conduct not only luxury massage or Moroccan baths with massage sessions, but they also have Japanese massage in their arsenal, such as beauty spa Armonia. On vacation, you also need to devote time to spa treatments, besides, on vacation, you need to try everything. Therefore, we advise you to try a luxury massage. In this article, we will tell you interesting facts about Japanese massage.

1 Fact: The purpose of Japanese massage is to restore balance

One of the key goals of Japanese massage is to restore the balance between the physical and energetic body. According to Japanese massage therapists, when these two components are in harmony, the body and spirit can function at their best.

2 Fact: The massage technique is based on the philosophy of Traditional Japanese Medicine.

Traditional Japanese Medicine (Jo) has a long history and is based on the philosophy of Qi, which describes the life force present in our body. The Japanese massage technique is based on this philosophy, as well as an understanding of the meridians and activation points that are associated with certain parts of the body.

3 Fact: This is not an ancient practice

You might think that this is some kind of ancient practice that came from the time of the Shogun dynasty. However, Shiatsu takes its foundation only in the 40s of the last century – when a certain Tokujiro Namikoshi developed a special technique for treating his mother for rheumatoid arthritis by pressing on sore spots with fingers and palms.

4 Fact: It can help with back problems

Japanese massage can help with a variety of back problems such as pain and tension. Also, it can aid in bodily relaxation and better posture.

5 Fact: It can help improve digestion

An additional advantage of Japanese massage is its ability to help improve digestion. It stimulates the digestive tract and can reduce bloating and constipation.

6 Fact: Massage is part of the culture in Japan

In Japan, massage is not just a procedure for relaxation and health improvement, it is part of the culture and tradition. In Japan, massage is a skill that is learned from an early age, and many Japanese have developed their own techniques.

7 Fact: it is an officially recognized branch of medicine in Japan

The Japanese Ministry of Health has officially recognized shiatsu as a licensed medical therapy.

8 Fact: Who can practice Shiatsu

To qualify as a shiatsu therapist, one must complete a special three-year course at a university or college approved by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, pass a state exam, and obtain a license. Without a license, activities are prohibited and punishable by law.

9 Fact: Principle of action – rub where it hurts

Tokujiro Namikoshi says he became interested after watching his mother constantly rub her aching joints with her hands. The doctor believes that this is nothing more than a natural instinct that makes a person massage a sore spot. And it does help!

10 Fact: Japanese massage can be effective in the treatment of certain diseases

Japanese massage can be effective in treating certain ailments such as back pain, joint problems, headaches, arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, and depression. It can also help improve circulation and the immune system.

Moreover, a Japanese massage can help reduce stress and pain in the muscles, boost flexibility and mobility, and enhance general health. This type of massage is effective for improving physical health and achieving balance and harmony between body and spirit. 

In conclusion, Japanese massage is a unique type of massage with many health and wellness benefits. It is based on the philosophy of Traditional Japanese Medicine and uses various techniques to restore the balance of body and spirit.

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