Luke Wilson Net Worth, Early Life, Career

Luke Wilson Net Worth

Middle Men fame Luke Wilson has been active on both small and big screens for decades. With more than a two-decade acting career, he has amassed an impressive amount as well. This article will provide you with all the details about Luke Wilson net worth and career.

Who is Luke Wilson?

Luke Cunningham Wilson, or just Luke Wilson, is much known American actor. He also has been a director and producer. Along with his two brothers, he is more famous as the Wilson brother. “My Super Ex-Girlfriend,” “Idiocracy,” and “Middle Men” are some of his notable films.

Starting his acting in 1996, Wilson has worked on more than eighty films and so many TV series. And many more of his film projects are upcoming. Currently, he is working on “Fired on Mars”, an adult animated sci-fi series, as a voice actor.

Full Name Luke Cunningham Wilson
Born September 21, 1971 (age 51)
Birthplace Dallas, Texas, United States
Nationality American
Height 6 feet (1.83 m)
Profession Actor, Director, Producer, Screenwriter
Net Worth $50 million

What is Luke Wilson Net Worth?

As of August 2023, Luke Wilson owns nearly $50 million in net worth. Mostly, his acting career has contributed to this millions of fortune for many years. As a well-known actor both in films and series, Wilson has had great earnings in salary. Though he might have other businesses too, to our knowledge, these are not publicly disclosed.

Luke Wilson Net Worth

Early Life

Born in 1971, Luke Wilson grew up in Dallas, Texas. His elder brothers are Andrew Wilson, an actor and filmmaker, and Owen Wilson, also an actor.

Wilson’s dad, Robert Andrew Wilson, worked in advertising and TV, while his mom, Laura Wilson, was a photographer. Their family originally came from Massachusetts, and they have Irish Catholic roots.

All three Wilson boys, including Luke, went to St. Mark’s School of Texas. When Luke first joined, he was chosen as the class president. He got interested in acting when he was studying at Occidental College in Los Angeles. This interest would later lead him to a career in movies and TV.

Source Behind Luke Wilson Net Worth

Acting Career

Luke Wilson has had a great career in acting. And his acting career has been one of the major sources of his millions of fortune. Here’s a brief check on Wilson’s acting career so far:

Starting with the short film “Bottle Rocket”, Luke stepped into Hollywood in 1994. This film was actually co-written by his brother Owen and directed by Wes Anderson. Though it was his initial and minor project. But Luke’s talent was clear, and this short film later grew into a full-length feature in 1996.

After arriving in Hollywood with his brothers, Luke got busy with many other projects with notable roles. In 1997, he shared the screen with Calista Flockhart in “Telling Lies in America”. Next, he made a cool appearance in “Scream 2.”

The following year, Luke showed his romantic side in films like “Best Men” and “Home Fries.” He also teamed up with Wes Anderson again for “Rushmore,” where he played a charming character.

The actor continued with roles like Detective Carlson in “Blue Streak” and the hilarious “Legally Blonde” alongside Reese Witherspoon. Not just that, Wilson also worked in comedy genre films like “Old School” and “The Royal Tenenbaums.”

Television and Further Movies

While getting more and more familiar on the big screen, Wilson also did projects on television. From 2002 to 2005, he appeared as Casey Kelso on “That ’70s Show.”

Then again, in 2006, Luke starred in the quirky comedy “Idiocracy,” playing the lead role.

Luke Wilson Net Worth

His ventures didn’t stop there. In 2007, Luke faced thrills in “Vacancy” and had a taste of “Blonde Ambition.” “Tenure” and “Death at a Funeral” are some of the other diverse roles Wilson played.

Once again, the youngest Wilson moved into TV series. From 2011 to 2013, he was a part of the HBO series “Enlightened”.

Zooming to more recent times, Luke has been getting high in the superhero world. Since 2020, he’s been rocking as Pat Dugan / S.T.R.I.P.E. in DC’s “Stargirl.”

And 2023 has been quite the year for Luke too. He lent his voice to the animated HBO Max series “Fired on Mars”. Even before this, he worked as a voice actor in some other movies and series.

Other Ventures

Luke Wilson is more than an actor. Even when he was acting in films or TV series, Wilson was a director and producer on some of his own works. In recent years, he was even focusing more on producing.

Also, along with his brother Owen, he’s cooking up a Wright Brothers biopic. That will set him up as a writer as well.

These ventures, too, have made partial contributions to his net worth.


Which Wilson brother is more successful?

Out of the three Wilson brothers, Owen Wilson is more successful compared with the other two. It’s not only in acting but also financially, with a $70 million net worth.

Are Owen and Luke Wilson brothers?

Yes, Owen and Luke Wilson are brothers. They are part of the Wilson family and have both pursued acting careers.

Have the Wilson Brothers ever done a movie together?

“Bottle Rocket” is the only movie in which all three Wilson Brothers starred together. But three of them worked in “The Wendell Baker Story”, where Luke and Andrew were the directors.

How many times has Luke Wilson been married?

The 51 years old actor Luke William hasn’t married yet.

Final Thoughts

Whether for his acting or his dating life, Wilson remains a much-recognized figure in the industry. And Luke Wilson net worth is much more appreciable.

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