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The Most Effective Paid Social Media Strategies on A Budget

To achieve your social media marketing objectives on a tight budget, you don’t need to be a master. 

Marketers have an obsession with having enough money to accomplish their goals. Due to financial limitations or management’s overall lack of interest in Internet marketing, their demand is seldom achieved. 

Where do your clients congregate? Think again if you’re picturing bars, golf courses, or music venues. Because, if they’re anything like the 4.6 billion individuals who make up 60% of the world’s population, they presumably spend a lot of time on their preferred social networking site. 

You must hang around on your target audience’s turf if you want to properly contact them. But scheduling posts and crossing your fingers won’t cut it. 

Utilize the power of paid advertising, particularly paid social media advertisements, if you want to make sure the correct audience hears the right message and responds by taking the desired action.

We’ve compiled a list of the most effective paid social media strategies on a budget so that every penny you spend contributes to a higher ROI. 

Establish a budget

Azi Azimi, COO of CanXida shares: “First, the good news: sponsored social media advertising is among the most economical forms of marketing available. 

What’s the bad news? To acquire decent ad placement without going bankrupt in the first 24 hours, you’ll need to strike the correct mix between strategy and luck in the bidding/lottery system. 

When the money is gone, your results are gone too, just as with PPC and paid search. Make sure your budget will last for the whole duration of your campaign. 

A brief expert tip: If you’ve set severe spending limitations, think about upping them for the length of the campaign to avoid losing time or momentum due to a potentially declined credit card. 

The platform will charge your credit card when your budget is used up.” 

Be a master of best-in-class audience targeting, and keep it that way

Effective audience targeting may be achieved using a variety of methods. Custom audiences, look-alike models, geo-targeting, interest-based audiences, and a plethora of cutting-edge analytics and testing strategies are a few examples. 

Efficient targeting maximizes exposure to the target demographic via the use of cost-efficient and successful advertising. Make the most of each platform’s targeting options and aim for practical, restricted data interoperability.

Utilize data to monitor, evaluate, and improve

You must first choose how you will get all the data and analytics that a sponsored social campaign offers. Utilizing the platform where you placed your advertisement will offer you a tone of data to go through. 

Additionally, you have the option of selecting a social media management platform like Sprout Social or Hootsuite, which will provide you with all the data and assist you in extracting insights to improve your campaigns.

Make sure to compare your organic social media efforts with your sponsored advertising while you’re analyzing your data, and pay special attention to ROI. 

You may easily test new ads and adjust content, images, or CTAs if you notice that a sponsored campaign isn’t performing as you had hoped. You can even change your targeting to reach a different audience. 

Actively control your spending on social media 

Carl Jensen, owner of Compare Banks states: “Despite the dominance of Facebook and Google, the sponsored social media business is still evolving and unpredictable. The uncertainty is fueled by modifications in consumer behavior, privacy legislation, and antitrust lawsuits. 

Reduce risk by evaluating paid social media investments every quarter and planning for frequent portfolio adjustments. Create a plan for evaluating the value of new platforms, maybe by using geography-based incrementality measurement tools.” 

Prepare for ongoing disruption to paid social ad targeting and measurement

Important modifications to how browser cookies and device identification data are used for advertising have been made, according to Apple and Google. 

The availability of paid social ad targeting and attribution data is declining, which is particularly detrimental to paid social performance marketing strategies. 

Think about using cheap (and free) design tools

Visuals are essential to social media marketing. 

Tools for visual design that make developing your social media marketing plan simpler include:


Rhett Stubbendeck, CEO at LeverageRx recommends tools like Canva. He shares: “For making graphics, dynamic stickers, presentations, and covers, Canva is a fantastic tool. 

Since its 2012 introduction, many have been strong supporters of Canva, and it just gets better. To use Canva for this, you don’t need to be a graphic artist.

Although you may pay for an account, many of the visuals and designs are provided without charge.

You should be sure to distinguish yourself with your color scheme and logo, or else you may just copy an existing design and tweak the content. Their most recent innovation, “animated stickers,” is widely used on social media.” 


Popular video and thumbnail choices for video marketing are available on Mixkit. Use it to give your article more punch. There is a wide variety of design possibilities available.

Try out guerrilla marketing

Tommy Mello, founder of A1Garage Door Service states: “Guerrilla marketing prioritizes creativity over money, and its tactics are often inexpensive and simple to carry out, particularly when localized. 

Use sidewalk chalk to write your Twitter handle, an empty storefront as a canvas for street art, or personalized stickers to decorate urban décor that causes passersby to pause and take notice.” 

Obtain some fantastic business cards

Obtain some chic business cards, then distribute them to everyone you come across. A business card must be offered with every handshake. 

Even if it’s only a fleeting glimpse at a business card, the more people who learn about your company, the better.

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