What is BIS Certification Online or BIS License in India?

BIS certification is a vital National Standard Body that ensures products and services are safe and high-quality. If you are a manufacturer or seller of footwear in India or any entrepreneur for that matter, you must dive into the process of understanding BIS certification online. The Bureau of Indian Standard provides a mark of quality that emphasizes the conformity of product to specified standards.

We will take you through everything you need to know about BIS certification in this blog, putting complex concepts into easy-to-digest bites. Whether you are a manufacturer, a retailer, or someone curious, you are in for a treat.

Decoding BIS Certification

BIS Certification is a process that verifies the quality, safety, and reliability of products being sold in India. Initiated by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), a governmental body, this certification offers the significance that a product complies with specific standards set by BIS. It is like unlocking the approval for customer’s products and services certified by BIS.

Essential Responsibilities Undertaken by BIS

The Government of India has assigned the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) with a multitude of mandatory roles, which encapsulates:

  • Standard Formulation: BIS is actively engaged in crafting standards across diverse sectors, spanning chemical, food and agriculture, electrical, mechanical engineering, and more.
  • Mandatory Certification: While product certification was initially voluntary, certain items such as milk products, water, and LPG cylinders now require mandatory certification to ensure consumer health and safety.
  • Laboratory Establishment: BIS has established specialized laboratories for testing products in areas like chemicals, food, electricals, and mechanical engineering.
  • Hallmarking Scheme: To safeguard consumer trust, BIS has instituted a hallmarking scheme, ensuring the quality of gold products and promoting consumer confidence.
  • Consumer Protection: BIS has dedicated a department to consumer welfare, effectively addressing public grievances and emphasizing the propagation of Indian standards.

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Certification Procedure for Domestic Manufacturers

To start the BIS certification journey, local manufacturers need to kick things off by putting together a carefully crafted application along with all the necessary documents and fees. After submitting this package, a BIS officer gets into the action, conducting a thorough evaluation of the manufacturing facility. This evaluation includes getting hold of a sample of the product and subjecting it to independent testing. All these steps come together and usually wrap up within about four months from the time the application was submitted.

Streamlined Approach for Domestic Manufacturers

Another option available for local producers is to provide a test report from a laboratory approved by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) along with their certification application. If the test report meets the requirements, a BIS officer then checks the manufacturing facility to ensure everything is in order. If they are satisfied with the inspection, they grant the valuable BIS Certificate. This process is streamlined and usually takes around 30 days to complete.

Swift Access Through the Tatkal Scheme

Pioneered by a government notification, the Tatkal Scheme presents an accelerated avenue for license acquisition. This expedited process entails strict adherence to designated timelines, ensuring that the application is processed within 30 days. Any application submitted under the Tatkal Scheme receives priority processing, adhering steadfastly to the stipulated time frames.

Eco Mark Scheme for Environmentally-Friendly Products

Diverging from the conventional BIS Certification framework, the Eco Mark Scheme caters exclusively to eco-friendly products. These products must adhere to additional criteria stipulated in the Indian standard to qualify for the esteemed Eco Mark. However, the licensing procedure mirrors that of the domestic manufacturer scheme.

Customized Certification for Foreign Manufacturers

Foreign manufacturers seeking the coveted ISI mark are enrolled in a distinct scheme tailored to their circumstances. This pathway ensures that foreign applicants receive their licenses within a six-month window, accommodating their specific requirements and ensuring their integration into the Indian market.

Advantages of Online BIS Certification in India

In addition to affirming the legitimacy and quality of products, BIS certification online provides manufacturers with the following benefits:

  • Assurance of Product Quality: BIS certification emphasizes adherence to elevated manufacturing standards, instilling customer trust and government validation.
  • Market Penetration: BIS certification aids new products in seamlessly penetrating the market, as the certification garners customer trust from the outset.
  • Defect Prevention and Resolution: The certification process promotes early defect detection and corrective actions, curbing wastage and improving product quality.
  • Enhanced Market Share: BIS certification paves the way for increased market share, amplified sales, and elevated revenues.
  • Operational Efficiency: BIS certification can help manufacturers improve their management practices and reporting.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Certification ensures consistent product quality, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction.

Leveraging Expert BIS Certification Consultants

There are many benefits to working with a BIS consultant in addition to simplifying intricate pathways for BIS certification:

  • Efficiency and Accuracy: BIS certification consultants ensure applications are meticulously prepared, minimizing chances of rejection due to errors or omissions.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: By preventing delays and rejections, consultants save manufacturers valuable time and resources.
  • Regulatory Expertise: Consultants possess an in-depth understanding of BIS regulations, streamlining compliance.
  • Tailored Guidance: Consultants provide manufacturers with customized advice, ensuring that every step aligns with their unique circumstances.
  • Market Readiness: Consultants pave the way for products to seamlessly enter the market, bolstered by BIS certification.


BIS certification in India offers manufacturers the chance to reach new markets, amplify product value, and enhance customer satisfaction. To ensure a smooth journey towards certification, we guide you through the entire process of obtaining a BIS license.

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