What is Salesforce Optimizer and How to Use It?

 Nowadays, in this competitive business world, salesforce stands out as a powerhouse which offers various benefits with its features and tools. Salesforce helps businesses streamline their processes, enhance customer experience, improve interaction and drive business growth. 

However, as businesses evolve and their Salesforce instances become increasingly complex, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency becomes more challenging.

And this is where the salesforce optimizer comes in. In this blog, we will explore what is salesforce optimizer, how it works, and what are some of the key features and benefits related to this. 

What is Salesforce Optimizer? 

Salesforce Optimizer is a tool which helps you keep your Salesforce deployment updated and ensure that it is running smoothly. Businesses do not need to download any additional tool to use it, just activate the tool, start the analysis process, and it is ready to optimize. 

Salesforce optimizer helps in identifying the list of areas or parts which need improvement and requires immediate attention. The Salesforce Optimization App provides more precise services that fit your organization’s requirements. Performing this consistently will help you keep ahead of various essential organizational maintenance tasks.

Salesforce Optimizer provides precise statistics on over 50 parameters within your organization, including storage, fields, custom code, custom object layouts, reports and dashboards, and much more. 

What is the Salesforce Optimizer Report? 

Salesforce optimizer helps in scanning your Salesforce org and analyzing it properly with metadata features. In addition, it gives you estimated configuration effort and resources when it comes to the side component!

The Optimizer Report is a free and easy application which helps diminish the uncertainty from salesforce and identify the potential issues within. 

Key Features of Salesforce Optimizer

Simplified Display

In salesforce optimizer, users can get access to a complete view of a list using a ‘view’ button. This simplified interface enhances the accessibility of the dashboard and streamlines the user experience. 

Strategic Prioritization

Once the optimization algorithm has completed its duty, review the recommended information and create a shortlist of what you would optimize for the Salesforce company! Consider adding a preference element [1, 2, 3, 4] and a conditional button.

Multilingual Support

This is one of the standout features of Salesforce Optimizer, it holds the ability to translate recommendations into various languages. By leveraging Salesforce properties, the app seamlessly integrates language translation, ensuring that recommendations are easily understood and actionable by users all over the world. 

As a result of this feature, not only is communication facilitated, but inclusivity is also promoted within the Salesforce community.

How to Enable Salesforce Optimizer? 

Salesforce Optimization is easy to install. Instead of installing software, it is accessible through the configuration. 

To execute it, you must have the following authorization: Customize the program, update all of the information, and manage the persons.

  1. Navigate to the Settings panel and utilize the rapid search option to find the proposed technique.
  2. After you’ve selected “Request Permission,” you’ll be able to launch the application.
  3. You can then choose whether to create a document immediately or to schedule the system software for monthly updates.
  4. Again, once the analysis is completed, you will receive an automated message indicating that it is complete, as well as the opportunity to save the produced PDF as a document in your Salesforce organization

Need Help with Salesforce? 

Salesforce optimizer is a hidden gem that provides administrators insights into their business’s efficiency. Businesses get the power to make their salesforce setup even better than ever, it’s more like having a team of experts constantly guiding you to improve for the better.

If you have any needs related to Salesforce Implementation Services, Contact CRM Masters, a Salesforce Implementation Partner helping clients with a team of professional developers. 

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