What Should I Look Out for When Selecting an Accountant?

Selecting an accountant is a critical decision for businesses of any size or industry, regardless of its industry. Accounting services such as Accountedfor play an integral part in overseeing finances, complying with tax regulations, and supporting strategic decision-making processes. With so many choices available to businesses seeking accountants it may seem overwhelming selecting an appropriate one; to help make informed choices we will discuss some key considerations when selecting one.

Qualifications and Credentials

As part of your research when selecting an accountant, one of the first things you should check for are their qualifications and credentials. When possible, choose someone with Certified Public Accounting (CPA) certification or related professional body certifications – these individuals have undergone intensive training and exams in accounting and tax matters that demonstrate their expertise.

Industry Experience

Consider whether your prospective accountant has experience in your industry or niche. Each industry varies in terms of accounting requirements, regulations and best practices – an accountant with prior exposure in similar businesses will understand any challenges or opportunities within that particular space and be better equipped to offer tailored guidance or assistance based on this insight.

Services Offered

Carefully assess the range of services that an accountant offers and ensure they match up with your business requirements. Some accountants specialise in tax preparation and compliance while others may also offer bookkeeping, financial planning or business advisory. Consider all your requirements carefully when choosing an accountant who offers solutions designed to effectively manage finances while supporting business goals.

Technology and Tools

Technology plays an increasingly vital role in accounting and financial management. To find an accountant that utilises cutting-edge accounting software and tools that streamline processes, increase efficiency, and give real-time insight into financial performance, look for one who uses cutting-edge tools themselves as they’ll not only save yourself time and effort – they will ensure all data stays accurate, secure, and easily accessible for optimal accounting and management results.

Communication and Accessibility Issues

Successful accountant-client relationships depend on effective communication. Look for an accountant that speaks clearly, promptly, and pro-actively when answering queries or concerns; make sure their preferred mode of contact (meetings, calls, emails or video conferences) meets with your expectations and preferences.

Reputation and References

Before hiring any accountant, we recommend doing your research, both within their industry and among previous clients. Read reviews, testimonials and case studies to gauge customer experiences working with this individual or firm. Request references from former or current clients of the accountant and inquire about their experiences. This increases the chances that you’ll find a tried and tested service with proven customer satisfaction.

Fee Structure

It’s worth looking around to find an accountant whose fees fit within your budget and whose fee structure is fair. Some accountants offer hourly rates while others may offer value-based pricing models or fixed fee packages. Prior to agreeing on a price and quote for their services, you should ensure that all services included within that quote are clearly communicated. Be wary of hidden or unexpected charges before signing any contracts!

Trust and Compatibility

Finally, trust your instincts when selecting an accountant. Take their personality, values and approach to clients into consideration before selecting someone to partner with in the long-term. An effective accountant should serve as an ally who provides guidance, support and insights into achieving financial goals.


At its core, finding an accountant that fits your needs can have a dramatic impact on your company’s financial health and success. By carefully considering factors like qualifications, experience, services offered, technology used for communication, reputation, as well as fee structures, you can make an informed decision that meets your business goals and needs. Take time to carefully research potential accountants and ask lots of questions before making your decision. 

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